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Making skin-to-skin part your newborn’s daily routine

You don’t need a lot of research to know that holding your baby just feels right. Skin-to-skin contact with your newborn is encouraged because of its myriad of proven benefits (even more so for babies born prematurely) and finding opportunities to create this special bond is easier than you think.

Here are our top ideas to make skin-to-skin part of your day:

Naked feeding

Sorry mom. We know you searched everywhere to find the perfect nursing top, but ditch the shirt when you’re at home and feed your baby topless. Bottle feeds are the perfect way to get dads involved too - just make sure your baby is cozy and comfortable on either of your chests. 

Topless tummy time

Your pediatrician will encourage you to give your baby tummy time during his awake time, so get double the benefits by being shirtless next to your baby. Gently stroke his back as you tell him about all the wonderful things he can see around him. 

Get in the tub

Once you get the okay from your pediatrician and gynecologist, you can enjoy bath time with your baby by getting in the tub with them. Keep them in their baby tub or on your chest. Bath time is another great way for dad to enjoy skin-to-skin time, too.

Baby massage 

A good bedtime routine will set your baby up for a good night’s rest. Making a quick massage part of your nightly ritual will help your baby wind down and get ready for bed.  Dim the lights and play some lullabies while you stroke his legs, arms, feet and hands with baby oil. Massaging his tummy with your fingertips in a circular, clockwise motion to help ease any cramps.

Baby wearing

Skin-to-skin doesn’t always have to be done in the nude. Baby wearing is a great way to get the benefits of having your baby close to you while you get to do things around the house or while running any errands. Make sure your baby’s legs are in an “M” position to avoid hip dysplasia (read more about it here).

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