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Fun & easy sensory ideas for tummy time

Now that your baby is older, he is keen to explore more of the world around him. And although that might not mean crawling or rolling around just yet, giving him a rich sensory experience is a great way to introduce the world to him.

Here are our 7 favourite DIY ideas to make playtime a sensory wonderland: 

  1. Tightly seal a Ziplock bag with coloured water and stick it to the floor using strong tape. You can make it extra interesting by adding a few drops of food colouring, small items, like foam letter or pom poms, dry food like beans, or even water & oil. 

  2. It’s true that babies love looking at faces and is there anything cuter than their face? Lay your baby belly down on a mirror (perspex mirrors are the best since there is no risk of them cracking or breaking) and watch as he tries to "reach" for the other baby.

  3. Place objects in a tray in front of your baby that is exciting for them to touch and feel. You could use household items like sponges, shower pouffes, wooden spoons and plastic teething necklaces. 

  4. A simple baking sheet can offer countless ways to make tummy time more fun. Fill a shallow tray with water and add some floating toys, ice cubes, rattles or bell wobbler. Or if you don’t feel like cleaning up, add some fresh herbs or pasta to the tray. You might have to prop up your baby slightly to free his arms more so he can reach out and touch the items on the tray.

  5. Squeeze a few drops of paint on a piece of cardboard and slide it into a ziplock bag before sealing it tightly. Let your baby make his first masterpiece with this mess-free finger painting trick.

  6. An empty water bottle has the potential to become a sensory toy ideal for tummy time. Simply add some pompoms, rice, pasta or dry beans to a clear bottle and seal the lid. You can also freeze some water to give your baby a "hot vs. cold" lesson and he might also enjoy chewing on the cool bottle to relieve tender gums.

  7. Make sure to keep the bubble wrap from your next Amazon order! Tape the edges of a large piece of bubble wrap tightly to the floor to keep it from being pulled.

BONUS! If all else fails, take it outside. Weather permitting, allowing your baby to be in nature is the ultimate sensory experience. Let him touch the grass, place some leaves or flowers in front of him or simply let him enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature.

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