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Take your baby on a tour (of your house)

Even young babies have an intense desire to understand the world around them. But even if you feel stuck indoors, your home can offer an exciting world of discovery to your baby. Every room is filled with different objects that can open and close, switch on and off, and some things that can make a noise.

Take your baby on a tour of your home and show him all the things we adults do every day. Making a house tour part of your routine will also help you break the day into purposeful periods and even help you get some chores done.

Here are some ideas to rediscover the great indoors with baby:

  • Help your baby switch the lights in each room on and off. Your baby is fascinated with real-life cause and effect and sees how everyday objects work.
  • Show your baby how you pour laundry detergent into a cup and the washing machine. Slow movements will help your baby make sense of what he is seeing.
  • Open the curtains in every room. Mimic the sound of the curtains sliding on the rail or say “whoosh” as you open each curtain. Describing your actions will enrich your baby’s language development.
  • Let your baby look at the microwave when warming up your cup of tea (again) or making lunch. Help him anticipate the “ding” to indicate your food is ready.
  • Play some music in the living room or playroom. Help your baby understand where the sound is coming from and clap and sing along. You don’t have to listen to baby music (unless you want to). Your baby will benefit from hearing the rhythm regardless of the type of music.
  • Show your baby all the places where you will find water. Open the faucet in the kitchen, the shower, or the bathtub. Let them run their hands under the water for a sensory experience.

Your baby doesn’t need flashing toys to build neural connections. Toys with sounds and lights have no relation to the real world, so while they are enjoyable to your baby, he will benefit a lot more from a simple walk through the house with you.

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