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3 Fun ways to play to help your baby to sit up

It’s strange to think that up to now your baby’s view has been restricted to whatever was placed above him while on his back or in front of him during tummy time. Now that your baby has stronger neck control, a strong core and back muscles, it’s time to help him sit up and view the world from a different angle.  

Independent sitting is a prerequisite before you introduce solids, so getting in some practice now is good. And you might be teaching your baby how to sit independently without even realizing it. Play is the best way to learn new skills, so here are 3 things you can do (or keep doing) to help your baby take a new step towards independence.

Carrying your baby on your hip

Give baby a tour of the house or take him out of his stroller in the grocery store and carry him on your hip. This simple activity will help him strengthen his core muscles while wobbling around safely in your arms.

Letting your baby sit in your lap or between your legs

Let your baby sit in front of you while you read a book or sing a song that requires movement. Help your baby place his hands in front of him for support. You can help your slightly older baby reach to his left or right in this position by placing some toys on your legs.

Using yourself or toys to entertain baby

If your baby can prop himself up on his hands, you can move to the front of your baby to help him keep his gaze forward. Placing a sticky note on your face will entice your baby to let go of the floor and reach out to grab it.

Always ensure you practice sitting on a soft but firm surface and be sure to remove anything that your baby can fall onto in case he topples over.

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