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4 ways to help develop your baby's vision

Your baby’s limited eyesight at birth developed rapidly from his first week of life. By the time your baby is five months old, he is developing depth perception as his eyes can work together to form a three-dimensional picture of the world. 

Good eyesight aids physical, mental, and emotional development, and although it develops naturally, you must stimulate your baby’s vision development with age-appropriate activities.

Here are some ideas for your 5-month old:

  • Give your baby different shapes and textures to explore with his fingers. Help them make the connection between what they feel and see.
  • Make sure whatever you give your baby to play with is in line with their line of vision, so it doesn’t cause strain.
  • Keep using high-contrast cards around the house. Even though your baby can now see sharper edges and a broader spectrum of colours, it’s great to help them focus.
  • Give your baby the freedom to crawl and explore in a safe space.
  • Hang a mobile across the changing table. Even better if it’s something your baby can grab as their depth perception improves.
  • Let your baby sit in your lap and read a book together. One with big, colourful pictures can help your baby focus. Don’t feel rushed to move on to the next page if you see your baby is engaged.

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