Best educational toys for your 10-month-old babies

Every moment of a child’s development paves the way for who they are when they’re older, which is why it’s a huge deal.

Every step of the way, you need to be aware of the toys and environment surrounding your baby and how they influence their growth. It’s not an overstatement if we tell you that everything influences them, and anything can change them.

For each age children go through, there are ways you can make sure their development is going as planned. In this article, we’ll tell you which toys can help influence your 10-month-old the way we all hope for.

What should a 10-month-old learn? 

Before we discuss the toys, we need to ask: what should a 10-month-old be learning?

At this age, the baby is developing in a surprisingly quick way. They will want to explore everything and will start developing favorites too!

They should also be able to:

  • Crawl
  • Stand while holding onto something
  • Hold your hand as they try to walk slowly
  • Say “mama” or “dada” and understand what the words mean
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Play hand games
  • Express objection if someone proceeds to take away their favorite toy, for example
  • Copy and imitate your actions learning from them

What to consider when buying toys for your 10-month-old?

When buying toys for this age specifically, there are three things you need to keep in mind:

  • Developmental appropriateness: as mentioned above, it’s an exploring age. Make sure the toys you buy support that. 
  • Safety: emphasizing the exploring point once again, babies at this age are willing to put anything in their mouth (or anywhere, really)
  • Creativity: Babies can play with anything, keep that in mind and be creative with your choices. 

What to look for when buying toys for your 10-month-old?

When buying toys for this age, you need to keep in mind what we mentioned above about the milestones for that age and buy toys that support these milestones.

These choices will help make sure your child is developing as expected.

In addition to the milestones, don’t forget two essential elements in child play: interest and fun.

The toys you choose should be something your child has shown interest in, and they should also be something that entertains them.

What are the best educational toys for your 10-month-old?

You can choose to buy one or all of these toys for your child, but don’t forget to use the toy rotation technique to make the most of it all and every time your child will grow and use the toys differently each time!

Building blocks

Building blocks are always on top of any list for children, but at this age, building blocks are crucial!

Building blocks help your child understand stacking, learn shapes and how they fit together, and understand the concepts of space. They understand how to put things together and also put them apart.

Montessori egg 

A Montessori egg is excellent at this age because it helps your children enhance their motor skills and concentration and prepares them for their important pincer grasp.

As simple as it is, this little toy helps them with their hand-eye coordination and their fine motor skills as they place the egg in its cup and remove it.

Self-expression cards

Self-expression is vital for any child at any age. Not only are babies obsessed with faces, using these self-expression cards helps children understand emotions, how to recognize their own, and how to express them when they need to.

Rings on a peg

As simple as rings on a peg is, the concept of tossing, stacking, and containing the rings within the peg is beneficial (and fun!) for their development. Merely moving a ring onto the peg requires a remarkable amount of coordination and strength. As your baby sits and plays with this toy, they build the muscles in their back, arms, and wrists to support themselves through crawling and eventually writing.

Patterned tissues

Fabric or paper and patterns seem simple, right?  These tissues can help your child understand patterns, shapes, and colors as simply as it is! Pulling tissues out also supports your baby’s natural curiosity, developing fine motor skills, and teaching them to focus on a single task.

Wooden activity play cube

Wooden activity play cubes usually have at least five sides of different games to play with, so it comes with all the fun! The only downside may be that it is really big and takes up space, though!

Stacking cups

The stack-up cups help your child see more vivid colors and come with numbers to recognize the different sizes. The stack-up cups have holes at the bottom and would make an enjoyable addition to your child’s bath time!

Book tower

A bunch of small books for your child to stack, play with, and later read? Sign any child up, please. The amount of pros on this toy is unbelievable!

There’s a lot that toys can do for your children, and it’s important for you to understand their influence and how you can use it to do better. 

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