Little Brainiac

Introducing the Little Brianiac, the ultimate brain-boosting PlayBox designed specifically for your little one! This limited edition treasure trove of open-ended toddler play essentials is the perfect gift to ignite their imagination and set their cognitive skills on fire. Get ready for your toddler to become the next little Einstein with our expertly curated collection of brain-teasing goodies!

Inside the Little Brianiac PlayBox, you'll discover a world of endless possibilities. Each carefully chosen item has been thoughtfully selected to stimulate and challenge your little one's developing mind. 

Flexible Stacker

Explore how things fit together and learn parts of a whole while improving hand-eye coordination.

Nesting Container Set

Helps practice fine motor skills, work on problem-solving, and build spatial awareness. Perfect for endless water and sand play.

Pop-Up Toy

It helps your child build fine motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and understand the concepts of cause and effect. Great for problem-solving as they figure out how to get them to pop!

Cho Cho Train!

Children can use a magnetic wand to guide the marble through the wooden, fish-shaped maze. Encourages development of logic and problem-solving skills as kids figure out the best way to get the marbles through the maze.

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