Best educational toys for 11-month-old babies

Best educational toys for 11-month-old babies

Every part of a child’s journey towards growing up is crucial for their development and shapes a big part of who they are as they get older.

Every month of a baby’s first year is crucial because each of them paves the way for everything that comes beyond that, which is why planning out what your child interacts with every step of the course is crucial to making the most of this critical year.

So, at the age of 11 months, what makes that difference? This article will help you understand which toys are doing your child a favor.

What should an 11-month-old learn? 

First, it’s essential to ask: what should a child learn at this age?

By 11 months, your child should become better at communicating and understanding emotions, even their own. They understand their needs and know how to communicate them.

They should also be able to:

  • Try to feed themselves using their hands and fingers
  • Bounce to music 
  • Cooperate better when you’re dressing them
  • Follow your instructions 
  • Connect words with what they mean better

What to look for when buying toys for your 11-month-old 

When buying toys for this age, you need to keep in mind what we mentioned above about the milestones for that age and buy toys that support these milestones.

These choices will help make sure your child is developing as expected.

In addition to the milestones, don’t forget two important elements in child play: interest and fun.

The toys you choose should be something your child has shown interest in, and they should also be something that entertains them.

The best learning toys for your 11-month-old 

So what are the best toys you need to add to your list for that age? We’re about to tell you. 

Baby dolls

Baby dolls are so cute! They help your child enhance their creativity and imagination. In addition to that, they also start fostering their nurturing skills and sense of responsibility.

Pop-up toys 

Pop-up toys, other than the scary ones, are great for your child’s development. They help your child improve their hand-eye coordination, works on their motor skills, and help them understand the concepts of cause and effect.

Practicing opposites

Opposites cards help your child enhance their vocabulary while understanding the concept of 

opposites, how they can compare two different things, and how to use words.

Pincer puzzle

The pincer puzzle helps your child understand how to hold a grip of something and prepares them for gripping writing tools once they start going to nursery or school. Moreover, they also improve your child’s concentration.

Nesting container set

The nesting container set helps your child understand the concepts of sizes, spatial awareness, and problem-solving.

What activities should I be doing with my 11-month-old 

In addition to toys, there are a lot of activities you can do to help your child at that age.

Here’s a list of activities you can choose from also to have fun with your child! 


Musical rhymes 

Musical rhymes will help your child develop language, music, motor skills, and rhythm!

What you need:

CD of nursery rhymes

How to play:

Play a CD, and put on some dancing moves. Sing along, encourage your baby to join, and have fun!

Whether you’re going for the activities or focusing on the toys, 11 months is a significant age! So give it its time, and make sure you check our choices for toys for that age!

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