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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question email us at hi@monkibox.com or click on the "Message us" button to chat.

General Questions

The MonkiBox PlayBox Program is here to help make the first 12 months of your child's development easy, fun and productive! We deliver science-based toys and activities based on your child's stage (every two months) so you can spend less time researching and more time connecting with your baby.

Our toys, books and tools are based on the science of child development and chosen or created by experts in the field.

Our standard subscription is AED 195/month and you are charged every two months - AED 390. Each box includes 2 months’ worth of age-appropriate products and activities and ships every other month. 
We offer free shipping as well all across the UAE! You can also save further on your subscription by prepaying for the boxes.


Your feedback is music to our business! We read every feedback we get.

Reach out to us anytime here. ❤️ We're also available on chat and social media!

We recommend you use your laptop and Chrome browser. To cancel or manage your subscription, please follow these steps:

1) Sign in to your MonkiBox account and click "My Account" at the top of the interface.

2)Click on "Manage subscriptions" to manage and cancel your subscription.

3)On top, you will see your subscriptions, upcoming orders, purchase history, as well as your shipping and billing addresses

6) To cancel a subscription, choose the one you wish to cancel in the Subscriptions tab, and a cancellation option will appear below . You should cancel your subscription and stop shipment at least 4 days before your next shipment.

7) You can manage your subscription details from all the categories listed.

Subscriptions that automatically renew can only be cancelled after the subscription period has ended.

The Play Box Subscription

Once you subscribe and insert your little ones' name and birthday, you will receive a research-based, Montessori inspired toys PlayBox every two months based on your little one's age development. Please be aware that your subscription will auto-renew every month.

Absolutely! In order to order a single Monkibox for your little one or as a gift for someone close to you, you can now select the option "Gift Monkibox", where you will need to enter the child's Name and date of birth.
We also offer the option of sending a personalized gift card. 🤩

Currently, we offer packages for 0-12 months. The 12 months+ packages are currently being upgraded and will be launched soon. Be sure to stay tuned! 😉

You'll always have a place in MonkiBox's heart! Sure you can visit our websiteand click on "Get Started" and "Subscribe".

It's all yours! it's made specially for you and your little one to enjoy as much as you want.

Your time is valuable, so we decided to simplify your experience by allowing you to receive your box every two months without logging in and out.
If you subscribe to the standard plan, it will automatically renew every two months.If you have a pre-paid subscription of 3 or 6 boxes, it will automatically renew at the end of your current period of service.
Note that you can choose to cancel at any time before the renewal date.

Absolutely! Is there anything better than being prepared? 😁

Order your box and start using it when your baby arrives.

We offer boxes from 0 to 12 months. Therefore, you will start with the first package, which is 0-12 weeks.

What a wonderful gift!😍 We hope that you enjoy it with your little one. Every two months, you'll receive a box to correspond with the development stages your child is having.

We can only replace existing toys if there's been an error and it was sent twice to you. This way, we want you to be totally satisfied with each and every Monkibox you receive. You can always reach us at hi@monkibox.com

You may find it most relevant to use baby's due date/adjusted birth date, rather than birth date, to adjust the recommendation appropriately. For more specific guidance, please contact us.

Orders, Shipping and Returns

Deliveries take 8 to 10 working days for UAE and take 10-15 working days for international orders.

You can rest assured that we work tirelessly to ensure safety measures are applied to the package and that it is well sanitised before delivering it to you, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of MonkiBox with your little one.

 The chances of that occurring are rare since our courier company and we handle every package with extra care, and the packing has been designed to protect everything inside.

We will handle the package properly from the moment it is prepared until it is delivered to you.

There might be times when you receive a broken item. Please do not worry as we have you covered, just email us at hi@monkibox.com and send us a picture of the broken item for us to inspect. We will send you a replacement as soon as possible.

On monkibox.com, click on "Login", select "Manage Your Subscription" and click on "View Addresses. There, you'll be able to update or delete your current address.

Once you receive the order confirmation email sent by us, our team will start processing your order and send it for shipment. It will approximately take 8-10 days.

Product Questions

Although the Play Boxes are designed for a specific age range, your child will likely enjoy  them long after that period has passed. Often, big siblings and friends join in on baby's fun, too.

Our team of experts has selected these particular play tools based on research in child development, so every box contains everything it takes to enhance your child's  brain development.

You don't have to worry about purposeful play because we took care of it. 

MonkiBox Play Boxes are available by subscription only. Subscriptions are cancellable anytime. We do not sell any Play Box item on its own. We have crafted each Play Box to be appropriate for each age development and as a whole, each box has even more value than the playthings do independently.

In our guide, you will find information on how to introduce your little one to them. You may need  to introduce them in different ways and at different times for your little one to be engaged. Our child development experts can always be reached at hi@monkibox.com

Our toys are built to last and are made with sustainably harvested wood, non toxic paint and baby safe plastics materials. They are among the award winning and top rated products. All our products are safety tested and have the European Safety certifications.

Also all our boxes are based on the science of child development; products and information provided are developmentally appropriate, researched, expert-backed, and provide hands-on learning and play for your little monki.

We guarantee happiness with every package you will receive.

Referral Program

Sign up by clicking on the “Share MonkiBox, get AED 70! at the top of any page on monkibox.com. You’ll be taken to the referral program page where you start your referral journey.

You may refer friends and family members who are not already MonkiBox customers. You can share referral codes by email, sharing link, Whatsapp or by a text message. Self-referrals are not allowed. MonkiBox reserves the right to disable or revoke a user's referral account if MonkiBox determines that a user's conduct is inconsistent with these terms.

Earn AED 70 each time you refer a new customer who purchases a MonkiBox subscription (prepaid or monthly subscription). You will receive an email with a unique code once your friend purchases using your referral code and receives his/her order.

You will receive an email with a unique code once your friend purchases using your referral code and receives his or her order. Enter this code at checkout to redeem your AED 70. Referral rewards are valid only on future purchases (excluding gift boxes ). Your code will expire 6 months from date of issue.