Week 8: Tummy time ideas your baby won't hate

Week 8: Tummy time ideas your baby won't hate

Your baby, like many others, might protest a little when placed on his belly for tummy time, but rest assured, there are great alternatives to *tummy* tummy time.

But before you get started make sure your environment is set up to ensure maximum playtime and minimum stress.

Here’s your tummy time checklist before your baby touches down:

✔️ Baby is awake and alert, ready for playtime

✔️ Baby was upright for at least 10-20 minutes after feeding

✔️ You have a soft but firm, safe space to lay baby down

✔️ Your area is prepared with some high contrast cards, books, toys or a mirror (switch it up each time to keep it exciting)

✔️ Your baby will be supervised

Putting your baby belly-down on the floor isn’t the only way to do tummy time. Try these alternatives, but make sure the majority of tummy time is done belly-down and on the floor.

Place your baby on their side, supported by rolled-up blankets or towels.

Baby laying on side playing with rattle socks

Lap laying

Place your baby on their tummy across your lap or along your legs. Placing your hand on their lower back will help them keep their legs down and lift their (very heavy) little head.

Baby on mom's lap looking at black & white card


Lie on your back and place your baby on your chest. If your head is rested on a pillow, you can look up at your baby and encourage him to look at you.

Tummy-down carry
You don’t always have to carry your baby in an upright position. A great way to sneak in some tummy time is to carry your baby face down, using your arms and hands to support their chest and belly. This also works for baby’s who suffer from tummy aches or discomforts.

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