Why wooden toys are the best

Why wooden toys are the best

Compared to the catchy music, bright colours and flashing lights many plastic toys offer, wooden toys might just seem a little too boring. With so many plastic toys touting developmental benefits, it’s easy to see how parents can be overwhelmed and overlook wooden toys. But embracing the simplicity of wooden toys can have many benefits for your baby’s growing brain.

Here is why the MonkiBox team recommends making wooden toys part of your collection:

  1. It’s the safer option 

Wooden toys are strong, sturdy and usually not made of loose or small parts. For babies who still mouth everything they get their hands on, wooden toys not only provide a safe experience, but also a developmentally appropriate one.

     2. Environmentally friendly 

Wooden toys from reputable companies (hello, MonkiBox!) are made from sustainably sourced wood and unlike plastic, is biodegradable if it needs to be recycled. But that probably won’t be necessary because wooden toys last longer.

     3. Wooden toys offer longevity 

Not only can they take quite a beating from babies and toddlers, but they can easily be passed on to future siblings, friends or even be resold. No need to replace batteries or have a toy lose its magic once the blinking lights stop working.

    4. Wooden toys encourage imaginative and creative play 

With wooden toys, you won’t find voice commands telling you how to play with them. And unlike that plastic toy car that will only ever be a toy car, wooden toys require that your baby uses his imagination during playtime. Imaginative play is crucial to develop your baby’s cognitive abilities.

   5. It’s cheaper (in the long run) 

Even though you might feel that the price tag is too steep for wooden blocks, remind yourself that those wooden blocks might get played with for the next 5 years. The high price of wooden toys scare many parents into buying cheaper, plastic options, but wooden toys easily adapt as children get older.

   6. It’s beautiful 

Let’s face it. Your baby’s toys will end up all over the floor at one point or another. Wooden toys are aesthetically more pleasing whether on display or on strewn on the bathroom floor.

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