Fall activities to do with your little one.

Fall activities to do with your little one.


With the Fall just around the corner, the season is changing, the heat waves in MENA are starting to cool down, and we can finally get outside and enjoy the surroundings. But, while Mom and Dad can enjoy their pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween decorating, and a cooler Fall stroll, we need to find activities to involve the little one in your family. Don't worry; we are here to help!


Here are our picks for what you can do with your little one this Fall across MENA. 

1. Create a Fall Language Basket

Language baskets are primarily about language, teaching the names of things, to increase knowledge, expand vocabulary, and comprehension. At home, language baskets can be used for open-ended play. Babies and toddlers are absorbing so much and learning about the world around them, they are trying to make sense of it all. We can assist them with language by giving them the names and the words of things. 


Make it seasonal! Add items to your treasure basket (Observe with Me Box) that include things you would find in Fall, and keep the items small and safe for your little one. For example, a small pumpkin, yellow leaves, fall flowers, an apple, a school bus, and a book or pictures of Fall. 


2. Make Fall Pom-Pom Sensory Bottles

Our brains make the most connections when we use all our senses to learn something new, which is why making sensory play part of your baby's routine is essential. One way to maximize learning and minimize the mess is to use sensory bottles. And it's a super easy and fun DIY project! Sensory bottles can address various concepts and themes and be adapted to meet your baby's needs or interests.

Let's make one for Fall :) 

  • Get an Empty Water Bottle.
  • Fill halfway with water.
  • Add green, yellow, orange, and brown pom poms.
  • Add fine yellow glitter.
  • Fill to the top with water, leaving about 1/2 inch space at the top, so there is room to shake.
  • Hot glue or superglue the lid closed.
  • Cover the top with tape. 

3. Add Fall Images to Card Holder or Sensory Book Fall

Your little one is obsessed with faces and understanding what is happening around them. What a great way to use our PlayTools and incorporate the season-changing. 

  • Add images of Fall in their Standing Card Holder (Look with Me Box), making tummy time more entertaining and fun. 
  • Add pictures of Fall in their Sensory Soft Book (Bond with Me Box) and create a new story each time.

4. Sensory Bin with our container set for toddlers

  • The first step is take some oatmeal, and mix it in a blender to make toddler safe sand. I mean we do live in the Middle East:)
  • Next take a container and fill it up with the safe sand you just made.
  • Add all your fall items to the container. You can gather natural objects such as nuts, small pumpkins, leaves, and flowers. 
  • Now add the container set (Explore With Me).
  • Let your toddler practice opening and closing the containers with their lids, scooping, and pouring the sensory items into the bin.
  • Let them concentrate and monitor to make sure they are staying safe:) 
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