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Please share your child’s birth date/due date/adjusted birth date so we can guide you to the right PlayBox that aligns with your child's development stage.

If your child has special needs, we can assist with a recommendation. Please contact us.


Recommended Starting PlayBox

Based on your child's age, we recommend starting with this PlayBox to help them learn about cause-and-effect and explore new sensations.
Your Membership Program Includes:

The Play Book filled with ideas and expert insights for each stage of development along with guidance on when, why, and how to play with each PlayTool.

Stage-based guidance to turn playtime into learning, delivered weekly to your inbox.

Exclusive expert-led chats and a supportive parent community group.

Interested in a PlayBox from an earlier stage?

Select from the options below to include more early developmental learning from previous Playboxes.

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3Months- 1 PlayBox delivered every 2 months


6Months- 1 PlayBox delivered every 2 months

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