Little Montessorian

Welcome to a world of wonder and exploration with Little Montessorian! Our Gift Box is the perfect way to give parents and toddlers all the tools they need to discover the tools of a Montessori home. With this gift box, toddlers can exercise their bilateral coordination, focus, and fine motor skills, all while gaining a stronger pincer grasp. Your little one will love the hands-on and interesting play tools that can help them unlock and explore their world!


Pincer Puzzle

Designed as the first introduction to handwriting, this toy helps your child practice concentration and reinforces the pincer grasp.

Hand to Hand Transfer Discs

Promotes motor strength and using both sides of the body at the same time

Montessori Egg Cup

Helps your child master concentration and develop fine motor skills.

Peekaboo Puzzle

A simple circle puzzle that works on hand-eye coordination where they work to remove and place the puzzle piece.

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