NewBorn Essentials

Introducing the Newborn Essentials Gift Box - the ultimate solution for new parents and their precious little bundles of joy! We understand that being a parent can sometimes feel like navigating through a maze blindfolded (trust us, we've been there too!). That's why we've carefully curated this exclusive limited edition gift box, designed to not only support your baby's early brain development but also make tummy time a breeze and baby care a little bit easier.

Inside this magical box, you'll find a treasure trove of black and white essentials that are as chic as they are practical. Why black and white, you ask? Studies have shown that high contrast colors stimulate the baby's developing vision and promote cognitive growth. So, not only will your little one be captivated by the striking patterns, but they will also be on their way to becoming the next little Einstein!


Simple Black and White Stimulation Cards

In their early months, babies are captivated by high-contrast images

Standing Card Holder

Develop strength through fun tummy time anywhere you go.

Complex Black and White Stimulation Cards

As your baby's vision matures, they'll be interested in more complex patterns, they help lengthen attention span.

Simple Black and White Stimulation Cards

In their early months babies are captivated by high-contrast images.

Bear Blankie

Soft and lightweight, this under-stuffed tactile baby blankie features a cute multicolored bear-shaped character with a removable pliable silicone teething ring for teething comfort and grasping development during those early years. 

Diaper Changing Liner

Used on top of the changing pad or on any surface that needs protection. Great for on-the-go, this multi-use changing pad liner fits perfectly in the diaper bag.

Wearable Baby Nail File

Baby nail file is a bladeless baby nail care kit so you can avoid any accidents nipping your baby’s skin.

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