MonkiBox named by Fast Company as Most Innovative Education Company in 2022

Read more about why MonkiBox was recently awarded by Fast Company as the Most Innovative Education Company and how we are leading the way for Early Childhood Education in MENA.

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Transforming MENA's Early Childhood Education

We're the leading and award-winning early childhood company in MENA and transforming the region with our early childhood program. We bring together parents, caregivers, educators, medical professionals, and mental health providers and help a child development holistically from the beginning. Where early childhood development statics are exceptionally low, the MENA region continues to fall short in early childhood development and resources. MonkiBox is changing this and know the importance of supporting parents and children in the most critical stage of development. Our products and programs are a one-stop place for a parent or caregiver; we partner with childhood experts across MENA because we are on a mission to help and transform the region with our products and services.

Started by a Parent for Parents

Hi! I am Rana, a mother of two and the Founder of MonkBox. When I started MonkiBox in 2018, I was a frustrated new parent. One morning, I sat down on my daughter's play area floor and watched her pull up to a plastic activity table, the kind with all the crazy lights and features. She pushed a button, music started playing, and lights started flashing. She tried another and more lights and music. She quickly moved on to something else, unimpressed. I sat there feeling disconnected as a mom. I began to question, "What is this experience doing for her and us?" I looked around at the other toys and asked what they were teaching her and doing for her development? This was when my journey to developing MonkiBox began as a parent. I started researching; there was so much information that it was hard to follow and absorb. I learned that 85% of your brain develops in the first years of life, and it's the most critical time for a child's development, but most parents don't know where to begin, how they fully support their child's growth, and also take care of themselves in the process. I thought there had to be a better way for children and parents to access toys and services that help them during these critical years. So I left my job at Uber and started MonkiBox. MonkiBox is the leading and award-winning early childhood company in MENA. We support parents and children across MENA, a one-stop place for PlayTools, support, and advice for your child's first years of life and your first years of parenting. We turn playtime into a learning experience.

How Does A MonkiBox Comes to Life?

  • Certified Curriculum and Products

    Our curriculum and products have gone through extensive testing and approval with the top education alliance and experts on the globe, the Education Alliance Finland and we are honored to be certified.

  • Step 1: Designing A MonkiBox Product or Service

    A product or service starts with our extensive, holistic research in academics, medicine, and cultural studies. This includes but is not limited to Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio, Alliance of Finland, neuroscience, occupational therapy, nutrition, mental health, and partnering with childhood experts in many fields. We believe this is so important for developing our products, services, and overall mission for our families and children in the MENA region.

  • Step 2: A Product Comes to Life

    After we have thoroughly designed our product or service, a prototype is built in our sustainable factory by our team of toy developers. All our products go through many safety tests and iterations to make sure our products are 100% safe, sustainable, developmental, and beautiful design for your child.

  • Step 3: Tested by Growing Minds

    Family feedback is our 2nd name! We believe the most significant critic is your child, of course! That's why children and families test all our products and services. Each product or service is tested in our MonkiBox PlayLabs, where we host all over the region to make sure we are offering an inclusive program.

  • Step 4: The Perfect PlayTool

    When finalizing and launching a new product and service, we take all we have learned, make the necessary adjustments, re-test, and ensure that our PlayTool is made to perfection before launching.

  • Evolving with You!

    We are an evolving company that makes sure we continue to grow to ensure our services are the best!