Children of Determination Services

Every child is unique and special in their own way. At MonkiBox we value respect for others, diversity, and inclusion. Our Children of Determination Support Services provide parents and child with tools to help them flourish during this critical time of development.

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What We Offer to Help Your Child Flourish

  • Book a Consultation

    Meet with our experts to talk about your goals as a parent, your child's specific needs, and we will help to determine what box to start with and customized recommenations for their stage in development.

  • Expert Support Chat

    We will offer continous support along the way. Our in-house experts will be there to help guide you through specific questions, suggest alternative ways to use our PlayTools and make sure your child gets the most support from our program.

  • A Larger Community

    Meet parents and babies all over the region and be included in our our growing parent community.

Our Experts

We work with early childhood experts across MENA. Our experts include speech-language pathologists, Montessorians, special needs specialists, behavior therapists, and neuroscientists.

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We are thrilled you're taking this important step for your child. Please fill out the form to get started and we will be in contact in the next 24 hours.