At Home Activities

  • Pulling Tissues

    Grab your MonkiBox tissues, painters tape, and build your little ones fine and gross motor skills. (supervise for safety)

  • Baby Fall DIY Activities

    Here's some fun Fall activities to involve the little one in your family.

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  • The wonders of containers (and how to play)

    Playing with containers can be immensely beneficial, so next time you think of an activity include containers.

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  • Fun & Easy Sensory Ideas for Tummy Time

    Here are our 6 favorite DIY ideas to make playtime a sensory wonderland.

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  • DIY Messy Play Ideas & There Benefits

    Yup, messy play is very important for your child's development! Get involved and get messy with our play ideas.

  • The why and how of treasure baskets

    Treasure baskets are a cheap (or even free). Lets us help you with creating a treasure basket for your baby’s next playtime.

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  • Benefits of setting up an obstacle course and how to do it

    A baby-safe obstacle course will satisfy your baby's needs in such a fun way, learn why.

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  • Creative Ways to Play with a Blanket

    Finding the simplest object can be the most fun, including a blankie. There are so many ways to play with a blanket, but here are our favorites

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  • Our favorite sensory bottles (and how they help your baby)

    Here are our top 3 favorite sensory bottles and how they can help your baby develop new skills.

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