Week 24: Kicking play ideas to help your baby roll

Week 24: Kicking play ideas to help your baby roll

A mini-milestone (let’s call it a stepping stone) that your baby will reach between 4 and 5 months is tucking their chin to their chest. The chin tuck is a powerful little movement for your baby, who is now starting to use his core muscles to move, rock and even roll.

A chin tuck develops strong neck muscles and an understanding of their body - skills needed to master a back to belly roll.

Looking towards your toes while on your back is an excellent exercise for your little one, but regular play activities can make this workout more fun. Give your baby plenty of opportunity to kick his legs up, reach for his toes and even suck his toes if he wants to.

Kicking play builds all the muscles needed to roll, but also to keep your balance when sitting and eventually walking.

Here are some super fun and easy ways to help your baby discover his feet & legs while perfecting the chin tuck:

    • Place your baby on his back under a play gym and hang a rattle or bell from the play gym. Encourage him to kick towards the bell.
    • Place a baking tray against the wall and let your baby kick it. You can also pin some tissue paper to the baking tray, his play gym or the sides of your couch for an additional sensory experience.
    • Fill your baking tray with large beans or even water, and let your baby splash around with his feet as he kicks. This is a messy idea, so cover the floor with a towel.
    • Give your baby rattle socks to wear. Encourage him to reach towards the bells on the ends of his toes.
    • Tie helium-filled balloons to your baby’s feet and enjoy watching him kick and squeal with delight as the balloons bop around above him. He is learning his movements can make things happen.

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