0 to 6+ Months

Newborn Three Pack 0-6 months

Gift a special someone the first 6 months of a child's life with our Newborn Three Pack Bundle. What a special gift for a new addition to the family. Looks what's included: 

Your love one will receive three beautiful PlayBoxes as a bundle in one delivery at their door step. 

1. Look With Me Weeks 0-12 +

We have built each PlayTool in the Look With Me box to help your child grow to their fullest potential during this critical development for vision and hearing.

2. Bond With Me Months 3-4+

The Bond with Me box is developed for your baby's new ability to focus on a PlayTool, reach for an object, push up on their elbows & arms, and master their newfound fine motor skills.

3. Sense With Me Months 5-6+

The Sense With Me box will equip your baby to explore through their senses and provide a sensory-rich environment for your little one to flourish. 

Gift our Award-winning PlayBoxes to someone special and start their critical development from the very beginning. 

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