Week 51: Wondering when your little one will start walking?

Week 51: Wondering when your little one will start walking?

For many parents, walking feels like the last big hurdle your baby will cross before entering toddlerhood, but if your baby’s first wonky steps aren’t happening yet, don’t worry. Most babies will take their first steps somewhere between 9 and 18 months - that’s quite the range!

The majority of babies might meet some or all of these walking-related milestones by the age of one:

  • pulling up to stand
  • walking while holding on to furniture (cruising)
  • may take a few independent steps
  • standing holding on and may stand alone

source: CDC

Did you know?
Many people believe babies start walking approximately a
month after they can stand independently.


If your feel your baby is about to start walking, you can help those first steps along by:
✔️ Deliver praise and offer help only when needed or when your baby asks for it.

✔️ Go barefoot. Avoid putting your baby in shoes as much as possible and try to use soft-soled shoes when wandering outdoors.

✔️ Comfort his falls - which will be inevitable. A big hug and some words of comfort should give your baby the needed confidence boost to try again (and again and again).

✔️ Create some achievable challenges by providing uneven surfaces or ramps. This will help your baby develop balance and coordination.

✔️ Once your baby is taking a few steps, invite him to follow you to another room. Take a step or two and encourage him to follow you.

But there are a few things that can hinder your baby’s walking. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using walkers citing that they are a dangerous cause of injury, especially in homes with steps or even small ledges.

Secondly, be mindful of your own milestone goals and avoid pushing your baby to achieve them. This can lead to a negative experience that could delay walking even further. And trust us, you will miss your crawling baby once you're running after a toddler in the grocery store!

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