Week 36: Creating a YES space for your baby - our top 5 tips

Week 36: Creating a YES space for your baby - our top 5 tips

There is more to creating an inviting and safe play space than babyproofing. Of course, the physical safety of your baby should be the top priority, but your baby also needs a 'yes' space.

A 'yes' space doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax, but it does allow you to follow your child’s lead and to trust them to be more independent.

Dedicating a part of your living room or family to a 'yes' space can empower your baby to:

✔️ develop independence that will also lead to independent play

✔️ make their own decisions on what to do and when to do it

✔️ move without restriction

Does this mean you have to get rid of baby gates or playpens? NO! Sometimes you need your baby to be in a safe space while you prepare his lunch, so don’t feel guilty if he can’t roam freely about the house all the time.

5 ways you can create a 'yes' space today:

  1. Pick a space where you can keep an eye on your baby as they play even if you need to wander around completing chores. Right outside the kitchen or close to your desk are good options depending on your daily routine
  2. Use child-size furniture and/or secure furniture to the wall. Your baby might be pulling to stand soon, so ensure that there is nothing that could topple over.
  3. If using a mirror in the area ensure it is a shatterproof acrylic mirror.
  4. Provide developmentally appropriate and safe toys and materials.
  5. Now that your baby is crawling (or showing interest in crawling), there are bound to be some bumps. Cover hard floors with a thick play mat to keep them safe.

You can use small baskets or trays to create temporary 'yes' areas, too. Fill a basket, tray, kitchen drawer or low cabinet with safe items for your baby to explore while you take a quick bath or prepare lunch.

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