Week 38: Creative ways to play with a blankie

Week 38: Creative ways to play with a blankie

As your baby gets older you’re probably finding the simplest object can be the most fun. Enter the humble blanket. There are so many ways to play with a blanket, but here are our favourites:

Build a den
Tie a blanket or large muslin over the tops of chairs and invite your baby to join you under it. A simple change to your play environment will make even his old toys seem new and exciting. And it only takes a minute to put up and take down - WIN!

Down, down, down! Up, up, up!
Introduce clear single words to your baby with this fun game. Let your baby lay on his back as you gently lift the blanket over them and let it drift down to cover them. Repeat the word "DOWN" and "UP" as you lower it and lift it back up.

Who’s hiding under the blanket?
Work on verbal participation with your baby by asking a simple question. Start by covering a toy under the blanket. Ask your baby if he can guess what’s under the blanket. If it’s a toy animal, give your baby a clue by making the noise. Left the blanket to reveal who’s been hiding.

Your baby’s understanding of object permanence is improving (the object permanence box is helping). Take turns playing a game of peek-a-boo with your baby and watch as they giggle with excitement each time you pop out from behind the blanket.

Let your baby sit on a blanket as you give them a ride through the house. Gently pulling them along on the floor will help them practice their balance and improve their sitting skills. Just be careful that your baby doesn’t flip backwards.

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