Little Reader

Introducing Little Readers, the perfect gift box for your little one's curious mind! 

Inside the Little Readers Gift Box, you'll find three Montessori-inspired books and object cards designed to engage and stimulate your child's language development. With English and Arabic text, your little one will have the opportunity to learn two languages right from the start!

Each book is carefully crafted to teach early concepts such as body parts, opposites, and feelings. Research has shown us that real-life objects and images are the key to helping your child learn and relate best and that's why we've filled each page with captivating images of real children and objects they see and can relate to.


My Body Book

Teaches your child about body parts, expands vocabulary, and teaches self-awareness.

Opposites Book

Helps your child understand the concept of opposites: learning to compare two things.

How Do I feel?

Introduces your child to understanding and communicating feelings.

Bilingual Object Cards

Reinforce first words with everyday objects that you're baby is getting to know

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