Baby On-The-Go

Introducing our Baby On-The-Go Essentials Gift Box – the perfect collection of must-have items for new parents and their littles! 

The Baby On-the-Go Essentials will make going out much easier for new parents! This special Gift Box comes with everything you need to make your trips out and about with your little one easy and stress-free.

The box includes a cool stroller organizer with plenty of storage space for all your essentials. Plus, a black and white on-the-go stroller mobile to give your little one something interesting to look at during your travels. A grasping rattle to help with motor skills development, a muslin bandana bib for spills and messes, and a stylish bag dispenser to store your used diapers and other messes.

Make organizing and getting out of the house a breeze. Pick up the Baby On-the-Go Essentials today!



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